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Penetration Testing

Should you need a Web, Network, Cloud, WIFI, ICS, IoT or any other type of penetration test, Xanthus Security has the technical skills, knowledge and ability to fulfill your requirements. Our team consists of qualified professionals with up to date certifications such as OSCP, GPEN, GWAPT and more.

Red Teaming

We offer in depth Red Teaming engagements aimed at pointing out the vulnerabilities within your enterprise from an outsider’s perspective. Open-Source Intelligence, Phishing, Physical security and attacks emerging over the Internet are just a few of the services we provide. 

Mentorship Program

The goal of Xanthus Security’s mentorship program is to assist the next generation of IT Security professionals. This unique opportunity will provide  ​these individuals  with practical frameworks, through guidance, for most requirements to enter and excel in a modern workplace.


A variety of hands-on training ​courses such as Modern Web Application Penetration Testing (MWPT) and Target to Persistence - Enterprise Post Compromise Techniques (EPCT) are also available ​and can be customized and presented on premises to meet your organization's specific needs.



Xanthus Security provides services such as Web, Network, Mobile and ICS Penetration Testing as well as Red Teaming engagements. With the ability to quickly adapt to and overcome even the most difficult of situations, our eagerness to learn and our passion for this industry is what makes us who we are.


Between our team members, we possess a substantial amount of expertise in both the governmental and private sectors with refined focus in financial and defence sectors.


EVENTS - 2019

We will be hosting the Capture the Flag event at BSides Ottawa 2019! With the naruto runners being largely unsuccessful, ‘Storm Area 51’ has morphed into ‘Hack Area 52’. Join us in this all out onslaught to hack their web servers, exploit exposed network services, crack their cryptography, decipher their signals and maybe even disrupt their operational industrial control systems; such as display panels, door locks and sending their delivery train to a sweet cliff jumping demise.

CyberSCI – Cyber Security Challenge Canada

Xanthus Security is assisting CyberSCI 2019! Canada’s Cyber Security Challenge enhances Canada’s cyber security strategy by enticing bright and energetic individuals to join our country’s ranks of cyber security professionals. Our goal is for Canada to keep up, then surpass other countries in cyber security capabilities. The CyberSCI security challenge is a series of individual and team competitions with national exposure that attracts contestants interested in technology and security. We are involved in developing technical content and scenario based challenges to put our new comers to the test!

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