Mentorship Program

Xanthus Security’s mentorship program is designed to assist the next generation of IT Security professionals. This unique opportunity will provide students with practical frameworks, through guidance, for most requirements to enter and excel in a modern workplace.

This program will help students acquire the knowledge and skills for a professional career.

Student Membership

As a member, the student will have access to training modules Xanthus has available at a discounted cost.

Xanthus Security offers industry-leading professional training and certification. Participants will be accredited in Information Technology and Security.

Xanthus Security’s mentorship program is only available for IT students who have a certificate, a diploma and for students who are undergraduates, postgraduates, and recent alumni.

Participants in the mentorship program will have hands-on sessions and will be challenged with numerous projects across diverse applications and topics.

software development, guest post, content writing


The program has 3 modules, with each module having 3 different topics to focus on. Each module is approximately 40 hours.


Each student will be provided with an e-portfolio to demonstrate their hands-on learning, as well as a snapshot of their skills and projects. The e-portfolios, as well as certificates, can be posted on social media showing credibility to potential employers.

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