Red Teaming

Our team of experts at Xanthus Security offer Red Teaming assessments to uncover risks that penetration tests would have missed.

Our red team assessors apply multi-layered simulations designed to gauge how well your employees, networks, applications, and physical security controls can expose, notify, and respond to a genuine attack.

Our attack scenarios are designed to exercise many attack surfaces and identify inconsistencies in preventative, detective and response related security controls.

During this exercise, our team of experts will target technology defences (networks, applications, routers, switches, and appliances), human defences (staff, independent contractors, departments, and business partners), and physical defences (offices, warehouses, substations, data centers, and buildings).

Who Needs It?


If you are a small to midsize business, you might think red teaming isn’t for you. “I am too small to be a target,” you might theorize. But in fact, this is exactly the line of thinking that puts an organization at risk. If you were a bad actor, would you not want to go after the guy who’d never expect it?While you might think no one would care enough to hack into your company, businesses of all sizes — and individuals — are regularly victimized.And it’s not just about sensitive information. Bad actors are also trying to take over the technologies that power our lives. For instance, they might be looking to access your network to better hide their activities while taking over another system or network somewhere else in the world. Your data doesn’t matter. It’s your computers they want to infect with malicious software so that they add your system to a botnet group.

Red Teaming Benefits

The many benefits of Red Teaming include the following:

Red Teaming Assessments vs Penetration Tests

Penetration testing objectives differ from Red Teaming, but the two are similar. Penetration testing is a mimicked cyberattack against networks, systems, application resources and individuals that use resources to exercise vulnerabilities. Red Teaming involves people, resources and time, and will investigate deeper into an organization’s defences.

Red Teaming includes:

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